What You Will Learn From This Course

Learn how to braid and mold the hair to

prepare the shortcut quick weave style

Learn the hair brands and lengths to purchase
how to glue in a quick weave
razor cut , curl and style
How to do waves
Learn tools and products knowledge
How to bleach and customize a frontal
How to lay the tracks flat to prevent the shortcut from bulking up in the back

Benefits of Online Courses

Online courses are convenient and efficient, there is no traveling which can be time consuming and costly. Just imagine the financial benefits and opportunities for a cosmetology student or a beginning stylist that wants to learn the latest innovative, trending, and timeless hair styles. But we can not forget about the existing stylist that want to enhance their skills. there are no interactive training sessions which can prevent the spread of viruses and allow a student to have a more flexible schedule when learning a style. The students can feel free to use the stop and go option while practicing on a model in the comfort of their own space that connects to a global village. This gives the stylist an opportunity to choose a course, which will help to critique their craft.

Course Hairstyle Overview

Course Curriculum

This course is closed for enrollment.

Frontal Shortcut With Curls And Wave Stylist




About The Instructor

Toy is a licensed, experienced and dexterous hair and weave stylist who has been in the beauty industry for decades. She is the proud owner of Quite Cute Glam…. located in Plantation, Florida. Where she is an active hair stylist. Toy also educates and mentors other licensed stylists and cosmetology students all over the world through online courses…She prides herself in teaching fast and innovative techniques to stylists looking to learn. Many have utilized her services.

Toy has had the pleasure and opportunity to build confidence in other stylists and increase productivity while perfecting their craft. Through her tenure as an instructor and seasoned stylist she has learned the importance of paying it forward and refuses to keep any hair secrets. At your scheduled time QUITECUTEGLAM looks forwards to providing the best experience in online training

Our Testimonial

Vontesha from Florida.

Thanks to Toy's guidance, I not only learned the technical skills needed for hair weaving but also gained a deeper appreciation for the artistry and creativity involved in this craft. I feel more confident than ever in my abilities and inspired to continue honing my skills.

HOPE from Georgia

Her clear and detailed instructions made learning a breeze, even for someone like me who has been missing from the world of hair weaves for a few years . The online platform was easy to navigate, and the videos were high-quality, allowing me to see every technique up close.

Krystal Smith 

Taking the Quite Cute Glam online hair course was truly a game-changer for me. Not only did I learn how to create beautiful and effortless styles .The course was well-structured, easy to follow, and filled with valuable tips and tricks that have elevated my hairstyling skills. I highly recommend this course Thank you, Quite Cute Glam, for empowering me.